How Can We Help You?

Switching to VOPlus is absolutely hassle-free! All you need to do is contact us, and we will walk you through the process. Our team will:

  • Discuss your business needs and advise on the most suitable services;
  • Be in touch with your current corporate services firm and get the paperwork ready for the transfer, including termination notice on your behalf;
  • Collect your statutory files from your corporate services firm;
  • Include your company as an active client in our system;
  • Prepare and submit the necessary paperwork to the relevant regulatory authorities to update them on the changes;
  • Review your company's compliance status and inform you if any immediate action is required.

Other than the fees for the various services selected, there is absolutely no additional cost to switch to us!

Our Switch To Us Workflow

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Select Packages / Services

Select from our range of packages the one(s) that will meet all your needs.

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Submit Document

Submit the following necessary documents to us so that we can process them swiftly.

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Processing Time

We will take the shortest possible time to complete your order. Here are the steps.

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