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Hong Kong is the HQ and business hub for the Asia Pacific region. It also acts both as a gateway for companies looking to do business in Mainland China and also mainland enterprises seeking access to global markets. Thus, Hong Kong is a popular country for business set-up and company formation. Hong Kong has no restrictions on foreign investment and restrictions on foreign ownership. Foreigners can invest in almost any business and own up to 100% of the equity.

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Hong Kong Incorporation Process


A company may be registered with an English name, a Chinese name, or both.
The company name must be approved before you can proceed with the incorporation of a Hong Kong company. A company name with a combination of English words/letters and Chinese characters is not allowed. An English company name must end with the word “Limited” and a Chinese company name must end with the characters “有限公司”.
At least one of the directors must be nature person.
Hong Kong requires at least one director, with an unlimited number of maximum directors permitted. Directors can be a person or a company, and they can be any nationality. They are not required to be a Hong Kong resident. Directors must be 18 years or older, and they cannot be bankrupt or have been convicted for any malpractices.
Hong Kong limited private companies are permitted to have a minimum of one shareholder with a maximum of 50 shareholders.
Shareholders do not have a residency requirement. Directors and shareholders can be the same person or different people, and shareholders can be a person or a company. Shareholders must be 18 years or older and can be any nationality. Shareholding is permitted to be 100% local or foreign.
It is mandatory that you appoint a company secretary, the secretary must be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong, a HK qualified accounting/legal professional or a “TCSP” (Company Service Provider Licence)
If that secretary is an individual, they are usually required to reside in Hong Kong; if the secretary is a body corporate, their registered office or place of business must be in Hong Kong.
In the case of a sole director/shareholder, that person cannot also perform as company secretary. Company secretaries are obligated to maintain the statutory books and company records, and they are also required to ensure company compliance with all statutory requirements.
Minimum HKD1 share capital to issued and paid up.
Typically, 1 share of HKD 1.00 would be the minimum for issued or paid-up capital, and there is no cap or restriction for the maximum amount on either type of share capital. Share capital is not restricted to the Hong Kong dollar, but can be represented in any major currency. Shares can be transferred with a stamp duty fee.
Hong Kong companies must have a local Hong Kong address as their registered company address. Registered addresses cannot be a P.O.Box, they are required to be a physical address.
Hong Kong limited company must prepare and keep up-to-date beneficial ownership information of the company, the company is responsible to identify all the persons holding at least 25% controlling power of the company.


Hong Kong
HKD 5,500/yr
  • Include all government registration fee & name reserved
  • Documents Preparation for Co. Incorporation & forms
  • registration with Company Registry & Inland Revenue
  • Complimentary 1st year
  • Maintaining Register of Members, Register of Officers, Register of Controllers and other statutory books.
  • Compliance Alert & Reminders
  • Complimentary 1st year
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Submit Document

1 . Completed VO+ Incorporation Form
2. Shareholders/Directors/UBO particulars

Individual :

  • Identity Document Identity Document.
    • i . Foreigners: Copy of passport and overseas residential address proof.
    • ii . Hong Kong local residents: Hong Kong ID card.
  • Proof of residential address

Individual :

  • Copy of business registration certification.
  • Most recent company extract of particulars from Registrar of Companies contains list of Directors.
  • Registered Address.
  • Board resolutions approving the incorporation of Singapore company and stated shareholding.
  • Certificate of Incumbency (Applicable for BVI, Cayman, Delaware types of companies).

Important Notes :

  • A true copy of passport/HK ID is required to be presented for verification.
  • Photocopies of passport have to be notarized if the incorporation application is to be done overseas.
  • Ensure passport validity not less than 6 months.
  • Address must be written in English or Chinese.
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Processing Time

Upon your inquiry, we will provide the following within 1 working day.

  • Request FREE Company Name availability check.
  • VO+ Company Incorporation Application Form and a list of required documents from you.
  • Price quotation.

We receive the identification or incorporation documents of director and shareholder in digital copy from you. We will conduct an application completeness check.

Within 1 working day after finalizing all requested documents, we will:
We prepare the incorporation documents of your proposed company for you to sign.

Within 1 to 2 working days (depending on clients' response), we will complete the following :

All required signed incorporation documents are checked and verified Invoice will be sent to you for full payment.

We submit the incorporation form to the government; your Hong Kong company is ready to use within 10 working days.

After incorporation, a corporate kit will be prepared for you, containing:

  • 2 copies of Certificate of Incorporation.
  • 2 copies of Business registration Certificate.
  • 2 copies of company constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association).
  • 1 photocopy of the first board meeting minutes.
  • 1 company round stamp.

VOPLUS can help you with the opening of corporate bank account at no additional charge. (2 to 3 working days with prior appointment)

  • we will prepare all documents required prior to the account opening and send you the details of the minimum deposit amount for the selected bank.
  • Estimated processing is 4 to 6 weeks subject to bank's approval.

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