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Are you satisfied with your current corporate service provider? Are they providing you with poor service quality impeding your company's growth? Don't let that happen any longer! Switch to VOPlus today, and let our team of corporate services professionals help you further your business endeavours!

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Our Switch To Us Workflow

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Information relating to any individuals in the company holding shares of another individual or Company.
The latest business profile of your company.
If you have appointed an existing Company Secretary, we need their contact details in order to arrange for the transfer of service and documents. We will evaluate your company's current and previous years' financial and statutory compliance matters and inform you if any urgent matters need attending to.
Should you need to appoint a Nominee Director, VO+ is able to offer the service.

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Submit Document

  • A duly completed VO+ "Switch to Us" Application Form
  • The latest business profile of your company.
  • The last 3 months' bank statements (if applicable)
  • The audit/unaudited report for compliance checking (if applicable)
  • Identity Documents
    • A copy of NRIC (front and back) of all local Directors/shareholders/UBOs
    • For foreign appointed officers:
      - Copy of passport with the holder's signature on it.
      - Recent residential proof (e.g. Utility bill, credit card bill, etc.).

Notes :

  • * True copy of the NRIC/passport needs to be presented for verification.
  • * Photocopies of passport have to be notarised if the business application is done overseas.
  • * Ensure that passport validity is not less than 6 months.
  • * All documents need to be in English or an official English translation.
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Switch to us

Upon your inquiry, we will provide the following within 1 working day :

  • VO+ Company Incorporation Application Form and a list of required documents from you.
  • Price quotation.

Upon receipt of all required application forms and documents from you, we will conduct an application completeness check within 1 working day :

  • Completed VO+ Company Incorporation Application Form.
  • Company:
    • The latest business profile (from ACRA).
    • Past 3 months' bank statements (if applicable).
    • The audit/unaudited report for compliance checking (if applicable).
  • Directors/shareholders/UBOs:
    • A copy of NRIC/passport (foreigner).
    • Proof of residential address (applicable to foreigner).
    • Email addresses and contact numbers of all directors, shareholders and UBOs.
  • Note:
    Additional required documents for Nominee Director Engagement:

    • Know-Your-Client Form (detailed information about the company).
    • Invoices, receipts and contracts for the past 3 months.

Invoice will be sent to you for full payment.

We will prepare the following necessary documents for the transfer:

  • Board Resolution.
  • Members Resolution (where applicable).
  • Nominee Director Agreement (where applicable).


Actions required by the client:

  • Please inform us a preferred date/time for you to visit our office for the signing of the documents. If the documents are to be signed remotely, you will need to visit a notary public for verification.
  • Please bring along your NRIC / passport for verification.

Upon receipt of all completed documents and full payment, VO+ will liaise with your previous Company Secretary/CSP for a full handover of all statutory records.


Please ensure that there is no unsettled payment with your previous Company Secretary or they might refuse to release your company's statutory records to us.


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