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Digital CSP

As a pioneer in providing digital corporate services, we are very proud to become the first fully digital CSP in Singapore with technology-driven capabilities that allows our clients to access company secretarial resources anywhere and everywhere. From the signing of resolutions to the submission of complex statutory forms, every step of the process is carried out securely and flexibly for your convenience.

Digital Registers

Have you heard about the Register of Shares Options, Register of Controllers or Register of Document Sealed? Most of us are probably unfamiliar with the terms as these are normally hidden within thick paper statutory records which adds up to your cost without providing the relevant benefits. Start using VO’s digital services to gain easy access to statutory registers and enhance productivity immediately.

Digital Documents

Do you still ask your secretary to scan company documents or request physical share certificates that are easy to lose? VO's own proprietary document management system with native support for Microsoft Office Online enables you to access all your authentic records smoothly. Utilise our system today so you could access documents including resolutions and native digital share certificates with full audit logs anywhere, everywhere.

Annual Filings

You can rely on us to schedule your annual filings with our enhanced digital annual filing system. No more overlooking important filing dates and accessing all your filing records with ease.

Digital Signature

Wish to reduce wait time and the hassle of handling physical documents? You can instantly and digitally sign multiple documents with our proprietary VO Digi Sign with a few clicks and receive real-time status updates via email. Watch video.

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Digital Form

With our proprietary VO Digi Form, submission of forms has never been so easy. Whether you want to change your phone number or make a solvency declaration, you will just need to open the digital form delivered to you, fill up the details with a few clicks and submit it to us instantly. Fully paperless and hassle-free.

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Through digitalisation, we aim to consistently provide higher quality services at a lower cost to meet and exceed all your corporate secretarial expectations. With our own automated workflow and review system, you can expect the highest levels of compliance and excellence to be maintained all the time.


Hosted on Microsoft Azure, all our digital platforms are protected by world-class security measures & firewalls. We also implemented multi-level access control to ensure strict confidentiality at all times.

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