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Digital Corporate Secretarial

Experience the future of company incorporation and corporate secretarial services with the first fully digital CSP in Singapore. Our innovative technology-driven solutions allow you to access and manage your company's secretarial resources with ease, convenience, and security.

Digital Registers

Discover a smarter way to manage your statutory registers, such as the Register of Share Options, Register of Controllers, and Register of Document Sealed. Replace outdated paper records with our user-friendly digital platform, making it easier to access and update information while enhancing productivity.

Digital Share Certificate

Upgrade to the future of share management with our innovative digital share certificate solution, tailored for SMEs and private limited companies in Singapore. Experience seamless shareholding information management with our fully integrated, non-generic e-sign digital share certificate platform.

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Secure Document Management

Access all your company documents with our secure, proprietary document management system, featuring native support for Microsoft Office Online. No more scanning, lost share certificates, or misplaced resolutions. Enjoy seamless access to digital share certificates and other important records, complete with full audit logs.

Simplified Annual Filings

Stay on top of your annual filings with our enhanced digital filing system. Never miss an important deadline again and access your filing records effortlessly.

Digital Signature

Save time and reduce the hassle of handling physical documents with our proprietary VO Digi Sign. Instantly and securely sign multiple documents with just a few clicks, and receive real-time status updates via email.

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Streamlined Digital Forms

Experience hassle-free form submission with our proprietary VO Digi Form. Update contact information, make solvency declarations, and more in a fully paperless environment. Simply fill out the digital form and submit it to us instantly.

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Compliance Excellence

Our automated workflow and review system ensures the highest levels of compliance and excellence in meeting your corporate secretarial needs. Embrace digitalization and benefit from higher quality services at a lower cost.

World-Class Security

Our digital platforms, hosted on Microsoft Azure, are protected by industry-leading security measures and firewalls. With multi-level access control in place, your confidential information is safe with us.

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