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Bookkeeping Service

All Singapore-registered companies are stipulated by the Companies Act to keep proper books of accounts. Instead of hiring a team of staff to manage your books, and thereby increasing your business overhead, why not engage us to help you?

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Our Bookkeeping Service Workflow

Eligibility Requirements

The latest business profile of your company from ACRA Bizfile.
Information relating to any individuals directly or indirectly, solely or jointly holding a significant (25%) control power in any classes of shares.

Submit Document

Please provide the followings for us to assess the amount of work required from us.

Company Bookkeeping documents

  • a) Bank statements
  • b) Sales invoices
  • c) Purchase invoices
  • d) Expense receipts
  • e) Expense claims
  • f) Petty cash claims
  • g) Payment voucher
  • h) Fixed assets schedules, if applicable
  • i) Frequency of services (monthly, quarterly and annually)
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Select from our range of packages the one that will meet all your needs.

Transactions Monthly Marginal Cost
Annual Marginal Cost
15 $150 $10.00
50 $190 $3.80 $300 $6.00
100 $370 $3.60 $500 $4.00
150 $540 $3.40 $700 $4.00
200 $700 $3.20 $900 $4.00
250 $850 $3.00 $1,100 $4.00
300 $1,000 $3.00 $1,300 $4.00
350 $1,150 $3.00 $1,500 $4.00
400 $1,300 $3.00 $1,700 $4.00
450 $1,450 $3.00 $1,900 $4.00
500 $1,750 $3.00 $2,100 $4.00
550 $1,750 $3.00 $2,300 $4.00

Processing Time

Upon your inquiry, we will provide the following within 1 working day :

  • VO+ Company Incorporation Application Form and a list of required documents from you.
  • Price quotation.

An invoice will be sent to you for full payment.

Upon receipt of all completed documents and full payment, VO+ will send an engagement letter confirming the services/packages you have subscribed for. This serves as a confirmation for the commencement of services.

Upon receipt of all missing documents from you, we will conduct a document completeness check within one working day:

  • Bank Statements
  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Expenses receipts
  • Expenses claims
  • Petty Cash claims
  • Payment voucher
  • Fixed assets schedules, if applicable
  • We will release the first clarification file within one month after the completed set of documents is submitted to us.
  • Your accounts will be ready within two weeks after all clarifications are done or no clarification is required,
  • The full set of financial accounts will be drafted and send to the Director for confirmation.
  • Upon confirmation, the preparation of accounts is completed.

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Accounting Software

With the emphasis on digital transformation as the new norm for business moving forward, more and more businesses are adopting cloud-base accounting software. At VOPLUS, we strongly recommend all our clients to sign up an accounting software to enjoy all the benefits that cloud-base accounting software can offers and to effectively manage all your finance affairs for your business. Benefits of cloud-base accounting software includes daily auto bank feed for your bank statement records, expenses, and invoices and more importantly, it can generate management accounts (balance sheet, profit & loss statement, general ledger etc) reports easily for yearly annual return filing obligations in Singapore.

We’re a Xero Partner

VOPLUS is proud to be a Xero partner - one of the fastest growing accounting software that connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Advantages of accounting software Xero:

  1. Everything in one place – Store documents online, capture bills & receipts via email or scan files from mobile friendly apps.
  2. Automate your admin work – With Xero’s auto bank feed, it synchronize your bank statement seamlessly and helps you with the reconciliation of your bank records.
  3. Customise to suit your needs – Xero enables you to streamline tasks according to your needs.

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